Where Is Shands Bridge ?

Where Is Shands Bridge? Located in Green Cove Springs, Shands Bridge spans the St. Johns River. Offering scenic views, Shands Bridge is popular among locals for fishing and photography. Visitors can access the bridge via Route 16. The historical significance of Shands Bridge attracts history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Plan a visit to experience the beauty of Shands Bridge and its surroundings. Remember to check for any closures or construction before heading to Shands Bridge. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Shands Bridge is a must-see destination in Green Cove Springs.

Shands Bridge is located in St. Johns County, Florida.
It spans the St. Johns River connecting Green Cove Springs and Mandarin.
Shands Bridge is a historic swing bridge built in 1927.
It is part of County Road 209 and is a popular spot for fishing.
The bridge provides scenic views of the river and surrounding marshes.

  • Shands Bridge is a vital link for commuters in North Florida.
  • It is named after former Florida Governor Fuller Warren.
  • The bridge is operated by the Florida Department of Transportation.
  • Shands Bridge offers a peaceful drive through rural Florida.
  • It is a popular spot for watching sunset over the river.

Where Is Shands Bridge Located?

Shands Bridge is located in St. Johns County, Florida, spanning the St. Johns River. It connects the communities of Green Cove Springs and St. Augustine.

What Is the Address of Shands Bridge?

The address for Shands Bridge is State Road 16, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043. It is easily accessible by car and offers scenic views of the river.

When Was Shands Bridge Constructed?

Shands Bridge was originally constructed in 1929. It has since undergone several renovations and improvements to ensure its safety and functionality for motorists.

Why Was Shands Bridge Built?

Shands Bridge was built to provide a vital transportation link across the St. Johns River, connecting the communities on either side. It serves as an important artery for commuters and travelers in the region.

How Long Is Shands Bridge?

Shands Bridge is approximately 3,016 feet long, making it one of the longer bridges in the area. It offers a smooth and efficient crossing for vehicles of all sizes.

Is Shands Bridge a Toll Bridge?

No, Shands Bridge is not a toll bridge. It is free to use for all motorists, providing a convenient and cost-effective way to travel between Green Cove Springs and St. Augustine.

Can Pedestrians Walk on Shands Bridge?

Unfortunately, Shands Bridge is not equipped for pedestrian traffic. It is designed for vehicle use only, with no sidewalks or pedestrian pathways available.

Are Bicycles Allowed on Shands Bridge?

Yes, bicycles are allowed on Shands Bridge. Cyclists can safely cross the bridge using the designated bike lanes, offering a scenic ride over the St. Johns River.

What Are the Operating Hours of Shands Bridge?

Shands Bridge is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Motorists can access the bridge at any time, providing a convenient and reliable transportation link between the two communities.

Is Shands Bridge Accessible to Trucks and Oversized Vehicles?

Yes, Shands Bridge is accessible to trucks and oversized vehicles. The bridge is designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicle sizes, ensuring that all motorists can safely cross the river.

Is Shands Bridge Monitored for Safety?

Yes, Shands Bridge is regularly monitored for safety and maintenance. State and local authorities conduct routine inspections and repairs to ensure that the bridge is in optimal condition for motorists.

What Are the Speed Limits on Shands Bridge?

The speed limit on Shands Bridge is 45 mph. Motorists are advised to adhere to this limit for their safety and the safety of others using the bridge.

Are There Rest Areas on Shands Bridge?

No, there are no rest areas or service facilities on Shands Bridge. Motorists are encouraged to plan their travel accordingly and make any necessary stops before or after crossing the bridge.

What Is the Weight Limit for Vehicles on Shands Bridge?

The weight limit for vehicles on Shands Bridge is 40 tons. Vehicles exceeding this limit are prohibited from crossing the bridge to ensure its structural integrity and safety.

Can I Fish from Shands Bridge?

No, fishing is not allowed from Shands Bridge. Anglers looking to fish in the St. Johns River are advised to find alternative locations along the riverbanks or nearby fishing spots.

Is Shands Bridge Illuminated at Night?

Yes, Shands Bridge is illuminated at night. The bridge is equipped with lights to ensure visibility and safety for motorists crossing the river after dark.

Are There Emergency Call Boxes on Shands Bridge?

Yes, there are emergency call boxes located along Shands Bridge for motorists in need of assistance. These call boxes connect directly to emergency services for prompt response in case of an emergency.

How Can I Report an Issue or Concern about Shands Bridge?

If you have any issues or concerns about Shands Bridge, you can contact the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) or the local authorities. They will address your feedback and take any necessary actions to resolve the issue.

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