Fat 50 Ammo Can ?

Fat 50 Ammo Can is a durable, spacious storage solution for ammunition and gear. With its heavy-duty construction, this ammo can is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The secure locking mechanism ensures your items stay safe and organized. Its versatile design allows for easy transport and storage in various environments. Whether you’re a hunter, shooter, or military personnel, the Fat 50 Ammo Can is a reliable choice. Say goodbye to flimsy containers and upgrade to this top-of-the-line ammo can today. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to protecting your valuable equipment.

Fat 50 Ammo Can is a durable and spacious storage container for ammunition.
It is made of heavy-duty steel and has a secure locking mechanism.
Perfect for outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, and shooting.
Can also be used for storing tools, emergency supplies, or other items.
Waterproof and airtight design to protect contents from the elements.

  • Rust-resistant coating helps prevent corrosion and extends the life of the can.
  • Equipped with a sturdy handle for easy carrying and transportation.
  • Meets military specifications for quality and durability.
  • Can be stacked for convenient storage in garages, closets, or vehicles.
  • Overall dimensions are approximately 11.75″ x 6″ x 7.25″.

What is a Fat 50 Ammo Can?

A Fat 50 Ammo Can is a type of ammunition container used by the military to store and transport ammunition and other supplies. It is a larger version of the standard 50 caliber ammo can, providing more storage space for larger quantities of ammunition.

Where can I buy a Fat 50 Ammo Can?

You can purchase Fat 50 Ammo Cans from various military surplus stores, online retailers, and auction sites. Be sure to check the condition of the can before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs.

How much does a Fat 50 Ammo Can weigh?

A Fat 50 Ammo Can typically weighs around 11 pounds when empty. However, the weight can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and materials used.

What are the dimensions of a Fat 50 Ammo Can?

The dimensions of a Fat 50 Ammo Can are approximately 12.5 inches in length, 6.5 inches in width, and 8.5 inches in height. These dimensions may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.

Can I customize my Fat 50 Ammo Can?

Yes, you can customize your Fat 50 Ammo Can by painting it, adding decals, or attaching additional accessories such as locks or carrying straps. Just be sure to avoid covering any important markings or labels on the can.

Are Fat 50 Ammo Cans waterproof?

Fat 50 Ammo Cans are designed to be water-resistant, but they may not be completely waterproof. It is recommended to store them in a dry place or use a waterproof bag or liner if you need extra protection against moisture.

How much ammunition can a Fat 50 Ammo Can hold?

A Fat 50 Ammo Can can typically hold between 800 to 1000 rounds of 5.56mm or .223 caliber ammunition, depending on the packing method and size of the rounds. It is important to properly pack and organize your ammunition to maximize storage space.

Can I use a Fat 50 Ammo Can for storage other than ammunition?

Yes, you can use a Fat 50 Ammo Can to store a variety of items such as tools, camping gear, emergency supplies, or even as a secure container for valuables. Just make sure to clean the can thoroughly before storing non-ammunition items.

How durable are Fat 50 Ammo Cans?

Fat 50 Ammo Cans are made of sturdy metal construction, typically steel, making them highly durable and able to withstand rough handling and harsh environments. They are built to last and provide long-term storage for your ammunition or other items.

Are Fat 50 Ammo Cans stackable?

Yes, Fat 50 Ammo Cans are designed to be stackable, allowing you to easily organize and store multiple cans on top of each other for efficient use of space. Just be sure to stack them evenly and securely to prevent any accidents.

What colors are Fat 50 Ammo Cans available in?

Fat 50 Ammo Cans are typically available in olive drab green or black colors, which are commonly used by the military. Some retailers may also offer them in other colors or custom finishes for a unique look.

Can I lock a Fat 50 Ammo Can?

Yes, you can secure a Fat 50 Ammo Can with a padlock or combination lock through the metal latch on the front of the can. This is especially useful if you need to store valuable or sensitive items inside the can.

Are Fat 50 Ammo Cans airtight?

Fat 50 Ammo Cans are not designed to be airtight, but they do provide a tight seal when closed properly. This helps to keep out dust, dirt, and moisture, but they may not completely eliminate air circulation inside the can.

What is the price range for Fat 50 Ammo Cans?

The price of Fat 50 Ammo Cans can vary depending on the brand, condition, and seller. On average, you can expect to pay between $20 to $50 for a single can, but prices may be higher for brand new or rare models.

Can I store food in a Fat 50 Ammo Can?

While Fat 50 Ammo Cans are not specifically designed for food storage, they can be used to store non-perishable food items in emergency situations or for outdoor activities. Just make sure to clean the can thoroughly and use proper food storage containers inside.

Are Fat 50 Ammo Cans fireproof?

Fat 50 Ammo Cans are not fireproof, but they can provide some level of protection against fire due to their metal construction. However, it is not recommended to rely on them as a primary fireproof storage solution for valuable or flammable items.

How can I clean a Fat 50 Ammo Can?

To clean a Fat 50 Ammo Can, you can use a mild soap and water solution to remove dirt, grease, or residue from the surface. Make sure to dry the can thoroughly before storing items inside to prevent rust or corrosion.

Can I recycle a Fat 50 Ammo Can?

Fat 50 Ammo Cans are made of metal, typically steel, which makes them recyclable. You can take them to a metal recycling facility or check with your local recycling program to see if they accept metal containers like ammo cans.

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